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Building a Better Black Sheep 

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Black Sheep Brewery PLC

Dear Fellow Shareholder.

Re. Black Sheep Brewery PLC


In the vital interests of all of Black Sheep Brewery’s stakeholders that’s you, and our “wonderful and hardworking employees”, your “fellow shareholders”, our “Company’s bankers”, our “suppliers”, our “trade customers”, our “imbibers” and the wider “communities Black Sheep Brewery serves”

Please, please


Resolutions 4, 5 and 6 for the re-election to the Black Sheep Brewery board of Jonathan Theakston, Robert Theakston, and Andy Slee
at the AGM on Thursday 22nd September.

Voting to re-elect the three of them is a sure-fire way to continue the destruction of what remains of Black Sheep Brewery PLC.

Thank you.
With best wishes from,

David Nabarro

Executive Director of MathEngine PLC and a deeply concerned Black Sheep shareholder


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Contact Us.

Deeply Concerned

Thanks! Message sent.

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